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A 25% deposit is required for any cake order $100 or more. 


Only under certain circumstances do we offer full refunds for our custom cakes:

If we fail to deliver your order, or do not have your cake on the day of pick up, we will refund any amount paid toward your cake. 

If, upon trying the cake, a major malfunction is discovered, then the cake should be returned to the shop. If we discover that something indeed has happened to the quality of our cake then we will refund your money. You must return the cake (within 24 hours of pick up), no refunds will be given without the return of the cake.  

Refund requests for a properly baked cake due to flavor and texture after the cake has been picked up will not be honored. Keep in mind that the texture of the cake can change if left out in extreme weather (outside events,  extreme humidity, etc…) 

We are not liable for any damage that occurs once a cake is picked up or accepted at a venue.

You are responsible for inspecting your cake prior to leaving the shop, once you have taken possession, no changes can occur. 

If for some reason you have to cancel your cake the following will occur: 

If a cake order is cancelled within 1 week to 2 days prior to pick up, a 50% payment will be charged to the card given at the time the order was placed. After such time, it is expected that your cake will be picked up, at the scheduled time, and the full amount will be paid.*

 ​*This does not include wedding cakes 

We also stand behind our commitment of being a Peanut/Tree nut free establishment. 

Although we are a production safe environment 100% of the time and we take every precaution in our product purchasing, due to outside influences we can not assure a 100% guarantee.  

We are committed to being your trusted family cake shop, every single time you have a special occasion.


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